Case studies

'Better City, Better Life' - GEZE swing doors at the EXPO

'Better City, Better life' - the EXPO international exhibition took place from May to October 2010 under this motto. In keeping with the sustainability concept, builders of various renowned international pavilions opted for automatic doors and other innovative door systems by GEZE.

GEZE swing doors in the international pavilions in Shanghai

The EXPO, which covers 5.28 km² and spans both sides of the Huangpu River, was built on the concept of sustainable urban development. In keeping with this concept, several of the participants exhibiting at the EXPO incorporated environmentally-friendly technology into their pavilions. Some of the buildings were even retained following the world expo as part of a park area. Innovative door systems by GEZE were used in the China, USA and Japan pavilions, amongst others.

Automatic doors: EXPO host counts on GEZE

The China Pavilion, designed by the architect He Jingtang, is the 'green symbol' of the EXPO thanks to its versatile energy-saving building technology. A visual highlight of the towering structure is the LED wall in the entrance area, with automatic swing doors. The compact, flexible design of the GEZE TSA 160 NT swing door drive fits seamlessly into the various frame materials, and moves automatic doors up to 1,400 mm wide and weighting up to 250 kg powerfully and precisely. Forthe China Pavilion, which attracts more visitors than any other at the EXPO, ease of access, reliable operation and virtually maintenance-free functioning of the TSA 160 NT swing door drives is key.

GEZE door systems define the pavilion’s convenience and functionality

GEZE door technology is also used in several of the China Pavilion’s internal doors. The swing doors in various areas are equipped with TS 1000 C, TS 2000 V and TS 5000 overhead door closers. Thanks to versatile mounting options and a unique design, the overhead door closers operate all swing doors without compromising design or aesthetics.

Flowing of visitors at the USA Pavilion

With over 6,000 m² of exhibition space, the USA Pavilion is one of the EXPO’s largest and most frequently visited exhibition buildings. The 'urbane' design by the architect Clive Grout is technically and architecturally geared towards sustainability. With his decision to use GEZE door systems, the architect has also opted for safe, functional ease of access throughout the building;

  • GEZE Powerdrive sliding door drives have multiple uses with heavy automatic doors, both indoors and outdoors, and are perfectly suited for use in highly frequented areas such as the USA Pavilion. The multifunctional GEZE Powerdrive is also ideal for escape and rescue route doors.
  • GEZE Slimdrive sliding door drives offer maximum design freedom for slim door sections with their clear design lines and a building height of only 7 cm. This enabled the problem-free delivery of object-specific solutions for the USA Pavilion possible.

In addition to these solutions, the GEZE TSA 160 NT swing door drive and the GEZE TS 2000 overhead door closer are also used in the interior doors of the USA Pavilion.

GEZE RWA solution for the breathable Japan Pavilion

Cupola of the Japan Pavilion, EXPO building.

Cupola of the Japan Pavilion at the Shanghai EXPO.

Living in harmony with the environment is part of traditional Japanese culture. This principle is also the basis for the architectural concept of the Japan Pavilion. State-of-the-art environmental and material technologies make the 24 m high pavilion 'breathe' like a living organism. The inner dome-shaped building cover is surrounded by an ultra-light membrane structure fitted with solar power cells. Hollow columns throughout the building absorb sunlight, collect rainwater and guarantee the natural circulation of air. The windows in the cupola connect the Japan Pavilion with the outside world, and are a key component of the breathable building cover.

Secure escape and rescue routes, thanks to intelligent RWA systems

A state-of-the-art smoke and heat extraction system contributes to natural ventilation in the Japan Pavilion, as well as safety in the event of a fire. The exhaust air openings in the building cover were equipped with the elegant GEZE E 250 RWA electric spindle drives for this purpose. The technologically complex RWA system responds to smoke detectors or manual triggering, and opens the exhaust air openings in the upper part of the pavilion via electro-mechanical drives. This enables thermally rising smoke gases to escape almost as quickly as they occur. Fresh air openings in the lower part of the building support smoke gas extraction from above, allowing safe navigation of the escape and rescue routes. Not only does the GEZE E 250 electric spindle drive deliver exceptional energy savings, its functionality also supports natural ventilation, making the Japan Pavilion an energy-efficient building .

GEZE products at the Shanghai EXPO

  • GEZE TSA 160 NT swing door drives
  • TS 1000 C overhead door closer
  • TS 2000 V overhead door closer
  • TS 2000 overhead door closer
  • TS 5000 overhead door closer
  • GEZE Powerdrive sliding door drives
  • GEZE Slimdrive sliding door drives
  • GEZE E 250 RWA electric spindle drives