Electronic access control - flexible and safe

Access control reliably denies access to uninvited visitors, and allows authorised persons to pass through. The key issue is: who is authorised to enter where and when?- After all, the safety of people, valuables and data is at stake.

Stop! Please show your ID!

These words, or something like them, were once used to prevent unknown or unauthorised persons from crossing borders, accessing factories or the gates of government buildings. Security staff, gatekeepers and doormen often still closely monitor who is allowed to pass through a door, and who isn't.

Company buildings, offices and warehouses hold all manner of valuables and data which need maximum protection against theft, espionage and vandalism. Employees who rightfully and regularly access a building are either known to the gatekeeper, or have one or a bunch of keys. But the age of jangling keys is a thing of the past,. because modern safety systems are keyless, - making them convenient and safe as well.

Modern access control systems electronically regulate who go where within a building or site, and when. They are tailored to the type of company, its operational processes and traffic flows.

For example, hospitals, pharmacies, data centres, airports and banks have particularly sensitive areas which need to be protected against unauthorised access. In hotels, only hotel guests are allowed access to their room or the wellness areas. Conversely, department stores grant all users access during business hours, but only allow access to authorised persons outside these hours. Whereas all employees need access in manufacturing companies, only certain staff should access hazardous or highly confidential areas, for example.

Components of an access control system

Access control systems consist of at least three components. The identification medium, for example an identity document or biometric characteristic. The (card) reader, which records the identification information or data and forwards this to a Door Controller or access control unit (ACU) for evaluation. The access control unit checks the access authorisation and grants or denies release of the door, even without a permanent connection to the access control applications. If a check is positive, an electric door drive, a motor lock or if applicable an electric strike grants access.

Additional door and lock contacts are connected to the Door Controller to monitor the status of doors (closed, locked, open). This identifies any manipulation and break in attempts and triggers alarms.

Modern access control systems can manage the access rights described above both online and offline. Offline systems consist of digital cylinders and sliding fitting systems, and, in contrast to an online system, the authorisations are saved on the ID card.

Benefits of electronic access control systems

  • no changes need to be made to the whole system if the identification medium is lost; immediate suspension of the lost transponder or identification card is permitted
  • permanent overview of all personal access authorisations
  • numerous access profiles can be defined
  • changes can be made to authorisations at any time
  • Protection of valuables and data via controlled access: staff and visitors have individually defined access to specific areas at specific times
  • generation of an alarm in the event of manipulation or an attempt at unauthorised access
  • no more "forgotten" doors
  • access controls and time recording can also be linked

GEZE: optimal solutions for individual security concepts

Access control system with RFID wide-range reader

Access control system with RFID wide-range reader

GEZE provides individual access control solutions- tailored to the respective sector and client-specific needs. Each solution is compiled for the particular client from a range of GEZE products.

As compact, web-based system solutions which include all the door-related components, GEZE access control systems meet the demands of modern identification systems. Visitors and staff are granted access to specific areas, at set times – and access rights can be changed very quickly for each individual door. The minimal dimensions of the access control units and the integration of the ID readers into the building installations leave plenty of room for door design freedom. GEZE access control systems can be used for single doors as well as for networked door systems.

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GEZE RFID readers

The GCER 100 RFID reader is an access control system for stand-alone operation. The system consists of a control unit and a reader. Identification cards, key rings or car keys can be used as identification media. Since it is restricted to a maximum of 100 storable means of ID, the GCER 100 RFID reader is the ideal solution for smaller buildings where a limited number of people require authorised access.

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The broad-based GCLR solution is used as an access or entrance control, or as a personal protection system. It consists of the wide-range GCLR reader which is positioned near to the door and a transponder carried by the user. The system allows access to specific areas and passageways to be monitored and controlled.

GEZE combines access control and safe rescue routes

Determining and controlling who is authorised to enter a building is part of a building's safety design. But safety should not just be about access, it also needs to consider safe escape from a building in an emergency. In an emergency, everyone needs to be able to get out - but not everyone should be able to enter an open emergency exit. Security must not be at the cost of safety.

GEZE motor locks with a panic or full-panic function unlock doors by motor in response to a signal from the access control system, for instance. They can also be unlocked mechanically at any time in the event of any emergency. After use, the self-locking function locks the door again in compliance with insurance requirements.

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Access control networked in Smart Buildings

Smart networking: multifunctional safety door systems

Smart networking: multifunctional safety door systems © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

Access control can also be networked in building management systems, such as the newly built company headquarters of Vector Informatik in Stuttgart. To enable the constant monitoring and operation of more than 180 multifunctional safety door systems, all the automatic door systems in the new IT Campus of Vector Informatik are networked via an interface module in the BACnet building management system.

GEZE provides tailor-made digital networking solutions. As part of this, specific distribution boxes serve as the central intersection points where all the cables and the BACnet interface module come together. The uniform structure of the distribution boxes provides the building manager with an overview of the interfaces with other devices at every door, and thereby of all of the networked building technology.

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Sector-specific full packages

GEZE BIM door objects help with building planning, or more specifically with door planning. Our architects also provide assistance in terms of individual and sector-specific access requirements, for which we have compiled specific solutions. With its industry specialists and many years of experience in the market, GEZE delivers the expertise you need.

Clients receive the full package from us: consultation, development of solutions, project planning, products, installation and after-sales service.

Building automation is the future - and networking access control in building management is precisely what we’re about. Networking allows constant monitoring of door statuses, and remote intervene if necessary.

Training in the basics and installation

GEZE provides training on access control, iQ locks and safety technology topics, feel free to ask us about the trainings. 

Quick help

Access control is a sensitive subject, especially when not everything works as it should. Here too, you can rely on GEZE as a partner. GEZE Service offers quick support and solutions, service contracts, as well as immediate assistance if you need it. Our large global team is ready to help.

GEZE also offers numerous tools to support door planning.